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Education Days


In partnership with Teach the Beat, Go-Go Education Day fuses basketball with the distinctive sound of go-go music. Students will have an interactive experience to help them learn about the rich history related to go-go music and its role in DC culture. This is the perfect field trip opportunity for local students K-12!

2024-2025 Education Day Game Dates:
Wednesday February 12, 2025
Tuesday March 4, 2025

Education Days include advance lesson plans for teachers and educators (courtesy of Teach the Beat), educational entertainment during timeouts and halftime, and a take-home workbook for students including activities and lessons (courtesy of Teach the Beat).

Tickets include advance lesson plans from Teach the Beat for teachers & educators! Fill out the interest form to be contacted by our sales team with more information!

Sponsor a School!
Want to sponsor a school to attend the game? Reach out to our Sales Team for sponsorship opportunities here.

Group Opportunities
Groups of 25+ also have the potential opportunity to honor a special student or educator with the Game Ball Presentation, Kid Captain, or other special experiences. Learn more about these options on our Group Ticket Opportunity Page.


Teach the Beat is an initiative to ensure that area students learn the rich history and the carious stylistic elements related to the go-go music genre. Teach the Beat is coordinated by Teaching for Change and the authors of The Beat.